About the Course

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The graduate program in Zoology at UFMG (PGZoo), recommended by CAPES with concept 4, began its activities in the first semester of 2011. The program offers Masters and PhD courses in Zoology, with emphasis on zoological systematics and related areas. The professionals trained in these courses are qualified to work in scientific research and teaching in the areas of zoology, systematics, biogeography, among others.

PGZoo’s research activities are organized in a single area of concentration, Systematics and Diversity, which expresses the central importance of biological systematics as the organizer of scientific information on biodiversity, as well as its integration with other areas of study. Teachers of the Program are able to guide students within their areas of expertise, organized into two lines of research:

1) Systematics and biogeography.

2) Natural history and evolutionary biology.

The entry of new students occurs mainly through a selective process, which is offered regularly. To obtain a Master’s or Doctorate degree in Zoology, students must complete a series of activities, including academic courses, a qualification examination (for the PhD), and finish a scientific research project in the form of a Master’s Thesis or PhD Dissertation, under the guidance of an Advisor of the Program.

The Program is administered by a Graduate Comitee composed of the Coordinator and Vice coordinator, three permanent representatives of the Advisorship board, and a student representative. The Comitee has as its mission to maintain the operation of the Program, proposing norms for teachers and students, and guarantee their fulfillment.

Further information on the Program is available by consulting the PGZoo office and coordination.